Transform Your Property: Step-By-Step Guide to Installing Buffalo Turf

Maintaining a lush, verdant lawn is an enviable addition to any property. Apart from looking great, it also increases home value and promotes healthy outdoor living. If you're thinking of adding to the allure of your lawn, consider installing buffalo turf, and here's why. 

Choosing Your Buffalo Turf:

When it comes to choosing your buffalo turf, there are two primary factors to keep in mind: the climate in your location and the level of maintenance required. Firstly, not all buffalo turf species can grow in all climates. That's why it's essential to choose the species that can adapt well to your local weather. Secondly, there are two types of buffalo turf you can choose from: soft-leaf buffalo or fine-leaf buffalo. Soft-leaf buffalo requires less mowing and maintenance than fine-leaf buffalo, which means it's ideal if you prefer a low-maintenance lawn.

Preparing the Soil:

Before laying down the buffalo turf, you need to prepare the soil to create a healthy environment for the roots to settle and thrive. The first step is to remove all weeds and rocks from the area where you plan to install the buffalo turf. Use a weed killer to kill off weeds instead of manually removing them. Next, loosen up the soil using a garden fork or machine. This helps the soil aerate and improve the nutrient content. Lastly, add a layer of organic soil conditioner over the area to help retain water and provide added nutrients.

Laying Down the Buffalo Turf:

Now that you have chosen your buffalo turf and prepared the soil, it's time to lay down the turf. It's best to install the buffalo turf within one day of purchase to prevent drying out of the roots. For best results, start laying down the turf from the longest, straight edge and then move on to the remaining areas, aligning the edges of the turf. You should lightly press down on the turf to ensure there are no air pockets between the soil and turf. Next, water the newly installed turf immediately to help the roots establish in the soil. Water the turf regularly for the next few weeks, and avoid walking on it until it's fully established.

Maintaining Your Buffalo Turf:

Your newly installed buffalo turf will need proper maintenance to thrive. Firstly, mow the turf when it reaches too high for your liking. Mow high in summer and low in winter. Secondly, water the turf deeply and less frequently in the first few weeks after installation, reducing frequency. Ensure you have the correct watering schedule based on local climate and soil conditions. Also, fertilise the turf once a year, using a slow-release fertiliser to improve its nutrient content.

Installing buffalo turf is a great investment for your property if done right. From choosing the buffalo turf to preparing the soil, laying down the turf, and maintaining it, it's crucial to follow the above steps to the latter. A well-maintained buffalo turf will give your property an appealing look, improve home value and provide a healthy outdoor living environment.

Contact a local company to learn more about buffalo turf installation.

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