3 Cost-Effective Alternatives To Pavers For Your Patio

A patio provides you with an outdoor space to relax, eat and socialise that can be both functional and attractive. When you decide to build a patio area, you will be faced with a number of decisions relating to the size, materials, design and budget. If you're trying to create a beautiful patio on a tight budget, pavers may not be the best surface choice for you. Pavers are the classic patio surface and do a good job at providing a stable, even area on which to place a table, chairs, planters and a barbecue, but pavers can be costly, particularly when surfacing a large area. There are alternatives to pavers that can meet your needs and leave you with some change in your pocket. Read on to learn about 3 cost-effective alternatives to pavers.


Your patio doesn't have to have a solid surface, particularly if you're keen on using bench-style seating that won't be moved around. Gravel is a low-cost surface option that is easy to install and comes in a variety of colours, so you can choose a bright colour to make your patio area stand out or a more natural colour to allow your patio to blend into the surrounding landscape. Fire pits and barbecues can be used safely on gravel surfaces, and gravel is a great option if you have concerns about drainage, as water won't pool on a gravel patio.


If having a solid surface is important to you, poured concrete may be the right choice for your patio. A concrete surface keeps weeds at bay and provides a smooth area for kids or pets to play without worrying about them tripping over the edges of pavers or loose stones. If you like the idea of a concrete surface but not the plainness of a smooth surface, you can have designs stamped into the concrete to provide an attractive pattern.

Reclaimed Bricks

Reclaimed bricks are cheaper than new bricks and will add a rustic charm to your patio. Bricks can be more time-consuming to install, so you'll have to take this into consideration when weighing the cost of your materials. Brick patio surfaces are aesthetically pleasing and a great choice for preventing weeds from growing on your patio. Classic patio furniture looks great on a reclaimed brick surface, and keeping bricks clean is pretty straightforward if you're happy to hose down your patio a couple of times a month.

If you're looking for an alternative to pavers for your patio surface, visit your local landscaping supplies store to compare options and learn about maintaining each type of surface you're interested in.  

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