5 Funky Landscaping Ideas

Gardens are a place where personal expression is encouraged. Therefore, it is not surprising that newer garden designs may be less traditional or "boring" than some of the old-fashioned ideas. Here is a list of the top 5 funky landscaping ideas for you to consider. Whether you're looking for something cool and unique in your garden, want to spice up an otherwise average backyard or just like to make things different from the rest, then here are some fab ideas.


A hedge maze is an intriguing concept that will provide a challenge and entertainment for years to come. This design requires some skill, but its results can be simply breathtaking. To get started, talk to your local landscaper or horticulturist about the plants that would suit your particular growing area. You can then set to work planning the layout of your maze.

Spiral path

For people who want to show off their plants rather than hide them behind walls, this is an ideal idea. Simply lay down gravel or stones in a spiral design that runs from the edge to the centre of your garden. You can then place plants between the lines of the spiral so visitors get a fantastic view.

Covered balcony

Not only do you get to have a beautiful view over your yard, but the added privacy is also a wonderful bonus. These balconies can also be used to protect the vegetation from strong winds or rain and make it look like you've had an expensive patio installed without actually having to pay for it.

Outdoor living room

If you've already got a well-established outdoor area, then why not make it more contemporary and stylish with an entire outdoor living room? Outdoor living rooms typically use stone walls, wooden tables and fabric windbreaks, as well as sofas and TV projectors to bring the indoors outside.

Stone circle

For those looking to add some mystique to their outdoor space, a stone circle can be a wonderful addition. By digging pits into which large natural slabs of stone can be placed and anchored in place, you can create a sacred and special place within your garden. This type of area is great for meditation and yoga.

If you would like further advice and information, you should get in touch with a local landscaping company today. A contractor will be happy to offer you further help and assistance.

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