Benefits of Premium Grade Growth Medium For the Protection and Revegetation of Critical Sites

Premium grade growth medium hydromulches are suitable for the protection and revegetation of critical sites that have either been damaged by erosion or are erosion-prone, or difficult-to-access sites such as steep or rocky slopes. A premium grade hydromulch contains a combination of wood fibres, biopolymers and water absorbents in its growth matrix. This formula offers more benefits than non-premium hydraulically-applied mulches as well as over traditional rolled blankets used for erosion control or turf establishment. Read on to learn more about the benefits of premium hydromulch products. 

Benefits of premium grade growth medium

  • The bonded fibre matrix works instantly by directly bonding to the soil when applied, making it more effective than traditional rolled erosion control blankets.
  • It's safe for erosion control on any site, including steep slopes and sites with even the most sensitive soils such as aquatic environments, due to its non-toxicity.
  • It's environmentally safe. The eco-friendly and non-toxic formula does not contain any threads, netting or staples that can harm wildlife.
  • Most suitable for soil protection in harsh climates or for dormant seeding and other long-term projects due to its long-lasting effects, it can withstand prolonged periods of wet weather.
  • The growth matrix is made up of phytosanitised,100% recycled wood fibres that are thermally refined to produce a high yield and extended coverage. Natural biopolymers and micro-porous water and nutrient-holding particles add wet bond strength and provide added resistance to sheet flow. Interlocking fibres enhance mechanical bonding as well. 
  • Controls soil erosion by minimizing the loss of topsoil and reducing turbid runoff, while retaining nutrients and water for maximum plant growth benefits.
  • Vegetation is established faster at the treated site, producing more plant growth than other methods while also helping to protect the local environment.
  • With a high water-holding capacity, more moisture is retained by the seedbed, which means less water is needed for better seed germination and plant growth.
  • Less soil preparation techniques are needed, such as fine grading and raking of the topsoil. This saves on costs as well as labour when compared to rolled blankets.
  • It can be quickly applied with any type of hydraulic seeder that is mechanically agitated, offering immediate erosion control and site protection regardless of the terrain's roughness. 

Soil erosion, whether caused by natural weather processes or as a result of man-made soil changes, can lead to the damage or destruction of a site's natural plant life if left uncontrolled. Premium hydromulch products are safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions that can be applied directly to the soil for immediate effect in the control of soil erosion and in site revegetation. To learn more, contact Flexterra growth medium suppliers. 

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