Why Should You Fertilise Your Plants With Seaweed?

Seaweed fertilisers are a good alternative to chemical products. This natural fertiliser gives gardeners a range of useful benefits. What are they?

Give Your Plants a Good Start in Life

Seeds and plants often need a helping hand to establish themselves. You can't simply stick them in the ground and hope for the best.

Some seeds fail to grow. Seedlings and transplanted plants often struggle to establish themselves in new ground.

Seaweed fertilisers help you deal with these difficult stages. For example, if you germinate seeds in this fertiliser, then the seeds get a boost before you plant them. They grow more quickly, and their plants are more robust.

A seaweed fertiliser also helps young seedlings and transplanted plants take hold in soil. If you soak the roots of your plants in a fertiliser before you plant them, then they will take root more effectively. They get a useful extra blast of nutrients to help them through this difficult stage; they are less likely to suffer from transplant shock.

Improve Plant Growth and Yields

A seaweed fertiliser works both in the ground and as a direct spray on foliage. So your plants will benefit from both direct and indirect fertilisation.

This fertiliser contains a range of useful organic nutrients and carbohydrates that help a plant get the food it needs to thrive. Plants can absorb these substances quickly and efficiently.

Seaweed fertilisers don't just feed plants; they also improve the earth around them. They help soil retain moisture and improve its condition. This is particularly useful if your garden earth is dry and crumbly.

Plus, a seaweed treatment also helps plants avoid negative environmental effects. It even helps them survive in frosty conditions. It also has some pest management properties. Pests won't be as attracted to your garden as a whole or to your plants.

If a plant is given this kind of multi-functional help, then it will be strong and robust. In some cases, your plants might also perform better over their lifespan. For example, flowering plants might produce more blooms. Their flowers will be well formed and attractive if the plant itself is healthy, strong and thriving.

Or, if you grow fruit or vegetable plants, then seaweed fertilisation could give you bigger yields. The fruit or veggies you grow could also be bigger and better quality. They might last longer than any produce you harvest from unfertilised plants or trees.

To find out more about the benefits of seaweed fertilisers and to get advice on the best products to use on your plants, ask garden supplies companies for advice.

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