What Type Of Lawn Mower Is Best For Your Garden?

Mowing the lawn is often a weekly job during the summer months, and having the right type of lawn mower for the size of your garden can make the job more enjoyable and less time-consuming. Read on for more information on selecting a lawn mower that work best for small, medium, and large lawns.

Mowing A Small Lawn

Small lawns can generally be mowed in less than half an hour and don't have a lot of space for storing gardening equipment, so opting for a compact lawn mower is paramount. A small electric hover mower or push mower are ideal for small lawns. Electric hover mowers are lightweight and have rotary blades that allow you to cut back grass to just a few millimetres in height. They have no grass collection box, so they are very compact, and grass clippings can be raked very quickly when you have a small garden. A push mower requires a little more physical effort than an electric hover mower, but as it's a manual mower, there's no need to have access to a plug point and there's no wire to get in your way when you're mowing. A bladed cylinder turns as you push the mower, and on flat lawns a push mower produces a neat cut.

Mowing A Medium Lawn

Medium-sized lawns can generally be mowed in less than an hour and are best mowed with an electric mower that has a grass collection box, as it would take quite a bit of time and effort to rake the cut grass each time you mow. Opt for an electric mower with adjustable cutting heights, which will ensure you can easily mow the lawn regardless of whether you've allowed it to get a little long between cuts.

Mowing A Large Lawn

Large lawns generally take over an hour to mow, so a petrol mower or ride-on mower are ideal for large lawns. Petrol mowers have no wires, so there's no need to worry about your mower reaching all the way to the back of your garden and there's no need for bulky extension cables. Petrol mowers are high-powered mowers that cope well with long grass and can be used on uneven and sloping lawns. A ride-on mower may be your best option if you don't enjoy mowing and want to get the job done as quickly as possible, or if you struggle with the physical demands of mowing a large lawn. Ride-on mowers are powered with diesel or petrol and some models come with a grass collection box at the back.

For more information on the various types of lawn mowers for sale, contact your local garden supply store.

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