Three Types Of Soil That Can Help Your Garden Thrive

Soil supplies are an often forgotten part of gardening that can be just as impactful, if not more, than fertiliser or mulch. That is because often soil supplies provide all the necessary nutrients for your soil without any of the waste or added weight that the other options provide. If you want your garden to thrive, you need to think more about the soil that the plants grow with, not just about what additives you can apply to the top layer. Here are three soil supplies that can help you take your garden to the next level.

Potting Soil

Potting soil is used for new plants that cannot yet make it on their own in your garden, or if you are simply trying to experiment with new plants and flowers to see what will grow and what won't. Potting soil contains a few nutritious bark fibres as well as a healthy amount of traditional soil, but the main feature is the size of the soil itself. Potting soil will be a lot bigger than your average, finer soil, which is smaller by design. The bigger soil particles allow for a lot more access to water as well as oxygen; both key ingredients to a successful new plant. 

Australian Native

Some species of plants that have evolved in Australia for millions of years require a bit more special attention if they are to grow as lusciously as their invasive counterparts. If you are quite fond of your native plants and grasses, but can't seem to get them looking as nice as all the other flora in your garden, then you might want to try some Australian native soil supplies. These soil mixtures recreate a lot of the elements found in Australian soil and have some fibres and nutrients that are unique to down under. If nothing else is working, that might be a sign that you need some good old fashioned Australian help. 

Top Soil

Topsoil supplies are a special part of this industry that is mainly used for finishing touches. For instance, if you want to lay down some new turf, then you need to give it the best possible chance to survive, and topsoil can do that. Also, many people use topsoil as a decorative option instead of mulch because they find the cleaner aesthetic looks nicer. Topsoil traditionally is more sand than soil, but that does not mean it is harmful to plants, quite the contrary. 

For more information on soil supplies, reach out to a local landscaping supply company.

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