3 Things to Pay Attention to When Buying Turf from a Reputable Supplier

Finding the right turf can be frustrating, especially if you don't have a reliable and trusted turf supplier in mind. With the demand for turf going up in the market, you might not be able to tell which turf is counterfeit and which is genuine. However, this shouldn't worry you when you have a reputable lawn supplier to contact. When preparing to meet a turf supplier, get some questions ready so you don't regret your decision. Buying quality turf has more to it than simply getting the money ready and identifying where you would lay it. The turf supplier should shed some more light on certain things.

Delivery vehicle

After you buy turf, the supplier should let you know the vehicle they will use to deliver it to your home. If you usually restrict strange cars and people from accessing your property, the turf supplier should give the details of the vehicle they would use and probably the delivery time so you can allow it in. The turf supplier's delivery service shouldn't just be efficient, but it should also be cost-effective and friendly to the environment. Does the turf supplier have a big lorry for delivery services? If they don't, ask them what they would use to deliver your turf. Let the supplier know if there are parking restrictions, parked cars or low bridges on your road.

Turf unloading

You need to know how the turf will be unloaded. If the turf supplier doesn't unload the turf for their customers, you may have to handle it yourself, and this might be a daunting task. Most homeowners buy from turf suppliers that offer kerbside delivery since they unload it closer to their home. Most reputable turf suppliers have a pallet truck or forklift to unload the turf for their customers with. However, if the customer has a forklift on site, the supplier might not need to bring theirs. Find out from the supplier if they would charge more money to lift the turf over the gate or hedge or lay it on your driveway.

When to roll it up

If you don't know how you should roll out the turf after delivery, you might not plan the project well. Find out from the supplier how different weather conditions would affect the turf and how it will behave when rolled out. According to some turf suppliers, the turf should be rolled out immediately when it's delivered. This means you should get the ground prepared for the turf before it's dropped off. If you don't roll out the turf immediately after it's dropped off, especially during summer, it might deteriorate quite fast and leave you disappointed. However, you might roll out the turf after about 48 hours during winter.

No one wants to spend money on turf and later get disappointing results. That's why you should ask the turf supplier several questions so you can see the project through to the end. 

To learn more, contact a turf supplier.

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