Retaining Wall Ideas for Flood-Prone Properties

When you first think of retaining walls, you likely think of waterfront property. The truth is that many property owners who experience flooding during rainy seasons will also use retaining walls. If you own a property that is prone to severe flooding during heavy rains, you may want to consider the retaining wall options that can help protect your property. Here are a few of those options and what you should know about each one. 

Natural Piled Stones

If you are in an area that has natural stones or rocks, you may want to incorporate those into the landscaping. The stones or rocks can be placed and piled to create a wall formation. This can be done to move with your natural landscape and pattern. By doing this, you can help protect the property from flooding, but you can also give the benefit of a natural filtration system that can help control the flow of water onto the property. The stones can also help provide a barrier to washout from the flooding. 

Fence Walls

You may have the need for a decorative fence or wall on your property as well as flood protection. You can work with your landscaper to develop a fence wall that will provide you with the privacy you are looking for as well as the retaining benefits to keep floodwaters from washing out your land. The fence walls can be solid, like a retaining wall, to a certain height and then have decorative designs etched or cut into the stone as the wall grows taller. This is ideal if you are looking for an option that can handle several tasks at once. 

Greywater and Collection Options

A way that some property owners are using retaining walls is alongside a greywater or water collection system. The retaining walls are designed to collect water between the wall panels. The water is then sent to a collection location for greywater use in the home or irrigation uses in the gardens and other areas of the property during drier times of the year. This is a very popular design with people who are trying to create a sustainable homestead with their property. It is also a popular option for people that would like to lower water usage and costs in the home by using natural and free water resources, like rainwater. 

If you believe that a retaining wall may benefit your property and protect it from flooding, contact your local landscaping contractor. They can offer you a consultation visit for your property. This consultation will help you determine what type of walls may be ideal and how the installation process will need to occur. They can also answer questions you have regarding the flooding issues you are having and additional landscaping measures that may help. 

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