Should You Consider Sapphire Buffalo Turf?

When you are in the market for turf, you may become overwhelmed by the many options you come across. To help you make a better choice, you should draw a table with many columns and rows.

The headings of each column should be the different types of turf you come across and the heading of the rows should be the following features:

  • Shade tolerance
  • Traffic (wear and tear) tolerance
  • Growth rate
  • Height
  • Soft or coarse
  • Ability to retain colour through different seasons
  • High or low maintenance (mowing, watering, fertiliser application, etc.)
  • Salt tolerance
  • Presence of thatch
  • Drought resistance
  • Tolerance to weeds, etc.

With such a table, you will be able to identify your needs and compare them to the features and turf type and thus make an informed and educated decision. Here's what you need to know about Sapphire buffalo turf:

Shade Tolerance

The good thing about buffalo turf is that it can grow well even if it is under a shade. Whether you have trees or structures in a particular area you want to lay the turf, you don't have to worry about shades affecting grass growth.

Traffic (Wear and Tear) Tolerance and Growth Rate

Buffalo turf has some tolerance for wear and tear, meaning it can do well in areas with moderate traffic. If you want it to have high traffic tolerance, you might need to fertilise and water it more. Since this type recovers quickly from wear and tear, it means that it grows fast.


Buffalo turf can grow up to seven centimetres tall. Even though this turf type does not need frequent mowing, you can mow it to your desired height when needed.

Softness and Appearance

This type of turf is soft to the touch, meaning you can have children or people relax on it. It can also retain its colour through different seasons, meaning it thrives in dry, cold, wet and hot temperatures and conditions.

Do You Live in a Coastal Area?

If you live in a coastal area, you, of course, expect salty environments. Some grass/turf types don't do well in salty conditions. Buffalo turf has salt tolerance and can thrive in salty environments.

Weed Competition 

You want a type of turf that leaves no room for weed growth so that you reduce maintenance work and maintain the good appearance of the turf. Buffalo turf is one of the turfs that outcompetes weeds.


Small thatching is a good thing because it helps retain moisture. Too much thatching uglifies your turf and can even cause it to die. Buffalo turf experiences little to no thatching.

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