Your Essential Residential Lawnmower Buying Guide

Are you in the market for a lawnmower for your residential lawn? Lawnmowers are vital machines for maintaining a healthy, well-manicured lawn by cutting the grass to the proper height. With the many different types of lawnmowers available on the market, choosing the right machine for your lawn care needs can be a confusing task, especially if it's your first time shopping for a lawnmower.

Read along to find out what to consider when selecting a lawn mower for your needs.

The size of your lawn

How small or large is your lawn? Your lawn size is an important factor to consider when you are choosing a mower for your lawn. If you have a little lawn, a manual reel mower (push mower) or a typical walk-behind mower will do. 

If you are going to invest in a simple push mower, get your body and mind primed for exercise, as you'll need to push the mower with your body strength in order to cut the grass. If you're not up to the task, a typical (powered) walk-behind mower should get the job done quicker and with less effort. All you need to do is to guide the mower and let its engine do the rest.

If you have a mid-size to large lawn, you should choose from the available range of riding mowers and larger walk-behinds. The larger your lawn is, the better it is for you to ride.

The level and nature of your terrain 

Is your terrain flat or hilly? The correct mower for your needs will depend on the level of your terrain. If your lawn is small and flat, a simple push mower or standard walk-behind mower should work. But if the slope of the lawn is steep, you will be better off investing in a self-propelled walk-behind.

All riding mowers can conquer the different types of terrain. However, some perform better on slopes than others. The type and number of obstacles, such as trees, flower beds, kerbs and other landscape features also affect your choice of a lawnmower. If you have a huge lawn with numerous obstacles, a zero-turn riding mower or rear-engine rider may be appropriate.

For small lawns, push mowers and small walk-behinds can get the job done, as they rely on the user's guidance to avoid the obstacles.

A residential lawn that is well cared for is a great source of pride for its owner. It contributes to the kerb appeal of the property and also increases its value. Talk to a lawnmower sales representative about your lawnmower needs to find a machine for you.

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