Is Buffalo Turf The Right Option For Your Lawn?

Buffalo turf is a popular variety of turf that's soft to walk on and doesn't require much in the way of maintenance. It's an attractive, lush variety of turf, which makes it a good choice for residential lawns regardless of whether you enjoy the look of a professionally manicured lawn and landscaped garden or need a lawn that's functional and can withstand the demands of frequent use. Although buffalo turf is pretty hardy, it grows best in sandy soil with an alkaline pH. You can check the pH of your soil with an inexpensive soil testing kit, which will also explain how to amend your soil if it's too acidic. Here are a few key features of buffalo turf.

It's Shade-Tolerant

Buffalo turf does not require full sun to thrive and retain its attractive deep green colour. As it's a broadleaf variety, buffalo turf can grow well with very little direct sunlight. Although exposure to full sun will do this type of turf no harm, it's ideal for those with a garden that's very shaded due to overhanging trees or buildings.

It's Drought-Tolerant

Unlike many other varieties of turf, buffalo turf has a deep root system, and this allows it to stay vibrant and green during dry conditions. It won't start to turn brown and die during the hot summer months, and there's no need to water it, which makes it ideal for those wishing to reduce their water usage and those who would struggle to find the time to stay on top of watering their lawn.

It Grows Slowly

Buffalo turf does not need to be mowed several times a month throughout the growing season, which is quite an unusual feature. It's a very slow-growing variety, which means it typically only needs to be mowed once or twice a year. This can save you a lot of time and energy, so it's easy to see why this type of turf is so popular.

It Can Cope With Heavy Usage

Buffalo turf's deep roots and intricate runners allow it to recover easily from any damage caused by pets or young children running around on it. So, if your lawn is in frequent use and you want to avoid it looking patchy and trampled without restricting your family's use of it, buffalo turf may be the right option for you.

If you'd like to find out more about buffalo turf or if you'd like help to calculate how much you would need for your lawn, contact your local turf supplier.

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