The Ultimate Guide to Landscape Supplies for Your Rock Garden

Perhaps part of your backyard is dotted by bald spots that seem to never allow anything to grow. Or maybe you have perpetually damp and heavily shaded areas, making it difficult for grass to thrive. Whatever the case, it does not mean that you should leave your landscape bare and unattractive. A great solution for you would be creating a rock garden. Not only are rock gardens the easiest to maintain, but they also work well with whichever architectural style you chose for your residence! To help you make the most of this attractive feature, here is a guide to landscape supplies for your rock garden.

Which rocks will work best for your rock garden?

The first step to curating a rock garden to suit your residence's aesthetic is to select the best rocks to bring your vision to life. Most homeowners tend to believe that the strongest, natural stone supplies will be ideal for this project since they are unquestionably durable. However, for your rock garden to appear like it is a neutral part of the landscape, it is best to select rocks with a weathered appearance that makes them seem like they have been in your garden from the start. Hence, soft rock supplies such as limestone, sandstone, shale and other sedimentary rocks would be a perfect choice. Rather than wait years for them to acquire this weather-beaten aesthetic, the soft rocks will naturally wear down sooner rather than later.

Where can you source rock supplies for this project?

While rocks are naturally occurring, sourcing the best ones for your rock garden may prove harder than it seems. Fortunately, you do not have to bear the responsibility for this task. The best solution is to enlist the services of a landscaping contractor, as they are familiar with the best sources for landscaping rocks. To begin with, the right landscaping contractor will have an established relationship with various quarries, so they are more likely to find you a variety of rock supplies that will add variety to this landscaping project.

Additionally, the landscaping contractor will also have the contact information of different construction project managers so they can also source excavated boulders to utilise for your rock garden. Furthermore, the landscaping contractor will have the right equipment to transport these heavy rocks from the site they source them from right to your backyard for placement.

Which plant supplies will work well with your rock garden?

Another critical landscaping supply to invest in when creating a rock garden is the right plants. These are placed strategically on and between the rocks to balance out the starkness of the stones. Mosses and lichens are a must-have to create the illusion of the rock garden being a natural extension of your landscape. Your landscaping contractor can also provide you with succulents and other sun-tolerant species that can withstand the sweltering heat.

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